Piano with Ms. Amy and OwlEagle

Materials: a keyboard or piano available at home to use during the lessons and for practice outside of class and the caboodle.

As we progress through the classes, we will be using and learning a bit about MuseScore. MuseScore is a free downloadable software that allows composition of musical pieces. Though we probably won’t be using it in Unit 1, I’m sharing the link now so parents/students can choose to install it early if they wish.

Unit 1 Caboodle

Unit 1 lesson plan

Project suggestions:
1. Download MuseScore and compose a brief composition of 4 –8 measures in length using 4/4 time signature with quarter, half, and whole notes on middle C.
2. Fill in the Grand Staff blanks form the caboodle.

Recitation suggestions:
1. Record yourself identifying finger numbers on your hands and finding middle C on the piano keyboard.
2. Record yourself playing and naming the piano keyboard notes for one octave.
3. Record yourself clapping and/or playing any of the sample exercises from the last page of the caboodle.

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3


Class 4