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Course Descriptions


American Sign Language Littles: (lower elementary) Ms. Everett and her daughter, PinkiePie, teach simple ASL vocabulary with songs, stories, and rhymes. Topics include colors, animals, feelings, foods, and school items. This is a vocabulary building course and doesn’t focus on the grammar and culture of the language. Ms. Everett includes a picture-in-picture ASL interpretation in each lesson which allows access to videos for Deaf individuals and extra receptive practice for students with more fluency.
August 2019 – TBD

About the teacher: Ms. Everett is a homeschool graduate, a homeschooling mother of 2, and a certified teacher in Florida. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education: Disability Services and studied Deaf Education. She works as a video relay interpreter and a community interpreter. Ms. Everett describes herself as someone who has anxiety and is a little different than your average person with her doctor saying she probably has what used to be called Asperger’s Syndrome but is now part of the Autism Spectrum.

Arts & Crafts 7 & under: (ages 3+ with adult supervision) Cascade shows students how to create unique crafts, promoting fine motor skills and creativity. Students explore different mediums as they create their personalized crafts. Supplies are listed for each craft in the Archive.
January 2019 – TBD

About the teacher: Cascade is a creative and crafty homeschooling teen with a love for animals! She raises guinea pigs, goats, and rabbits for 4H.

Bible grades K-2: (ages 5-7) Ms. Sarah reads 1 chapter per week from The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. The reading is followed by comprehension questions and content discussion. Ms. Sarah provides optional memory verses each week.
January 2019 – TBD

About the teacher: Ms. Sarah is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of 2. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Christian Counseling in 2014 and currently serves at her local church alongside her husband. She is an Evangelical Baptist Christian and naturally teaches from that worldview. However, she tries to keep controversial topics to a minimum to allow parents more confidence and freedom to teach their children. Ms. Sarah reads verses from the NASB translation.

Handwriting Nursery Rhymes: (ages 5+) In this 4 week class, Mrs. Kelly uses nursery rhymes to help students practice their handwriting skills. During class, she reads a nursery rhyme and shows how to complete the copywork worksheets. There is a printable with all the nursery rhymes and worksheets.
January 2019

About the teacher: Mrs. Kelly is a homeschooling mother of 7 and is full of enthusiasm for our youngest learners. She loves cooking, camping, and being creative. She teaches by showing how to do the work.

Kindergarten Science and Social Studies: (ages 5+) Miss Jordan teaches typical Kindergarten topics within these two subjects, alternating 5 weeks per subject. The first 5 weeks are Science: The 5 Senses. There will be a fun project for the topic each week for students to create along with Miss Jordan.
September 2019 – TBD

About the teacher: Miss Jordan, aka Miss Jayd, is a homeschooling teen who LOVES to go live and use her artistic abilities! She is an amazingly eclectic, hands-on learner. She plays the guitar, is teaching herself piano, and dabbles in ukulele! She likes to up-cycle everyday things and create, create, CREATE!

Playful Story Math: (grades K-3) This class uses the Arithmetic Village book series which introduces addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with short stories. There is a link provide in the class Archive to print the activity books for free (recommended) and a link to get the books (optional). During class, we will read the books, work through the activity books, create math crafts, and play math games together. Ms. Brooke has also provided separate videos of her reading each book. Suggested supplies for this class include a treasure box of some kind, 10 bags of 10 gems or other small items, Activity books 1-3, and materials from the supply list for the games and crafts.
March 2019 – May 2019

About the teacher: Ms. Brooke is a stay-at-home mother and homeschools her 3 children (Sabrina, Eddie, and Beth). Ms. Brooke enjoys being outdoors, reading, Bible study, and painting. Sabrina is Ms. Brooke’s oldest and enjoys arts and crafts. Eddie is the 2nd oldest and loves Marvel, Harry Potter, and Lego. Beth is the littlest in the family with a big personality. She loves animals and creating games. Ms. Brooke and her children do the work with students in all of her classes.

Telling Time with Mrs. Mandy: (ages 5+) Mrs. Hunt teaches students to count by 5s and tell time on an analog clock. There is a printable clock for you to print out and your student to put together. Mrs. Hunt teaches the skills in small increments of difficulty and plays games with students to help them practice their newly learned skills. Printable game boards and a supply list are included.
January 2019 – February 2019

About the teacher: Mrs. Hunt is a Hoeden Ambassador, homeschool reviewer/coach, and business owner. She has been homeschooling her 3 boys for over 6 years and, even though it an be tough, they enjoy it! Mrs. Hunt is a silly, fun, and laid-back teacher. She likes to find funny things to tell her students and does her best to make learning an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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