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Arts & Crafts 7 & under: (ages 3+ with adult supervision) Cascade shows students how to create unique crafts, promoting fine motor skills and creativity. Students explore different mediums as they create their personalized crafts. Supplies are listed for each craft in the Archive.
January 2019 – December 2019

About the teacher: Cascade is a creative and crafty homeschooling teen with a love for animals! She raises guinea pigs, goats, and rabbits for 4H.

Math From the Ground Up: (all ages) Starting with Level A (preschool) and moving up each level of math, Ms. Rebekah teaches students core math skills with manipulatives and engaging activities. Some lessons have an accompanying Parent Support video for caregivers to watch. These videos will discuss additional ideas, activities, and supplements to help you support your student between lessons. This class does not follow Common Core. A Caboodle with worksheets and a supply list are included in the archive. The supplies are mostly household items.
August 2020 – TBD

About the teacher: Ms. Rebekah is a homeschooling mother of 3 boys under the age of 7. Her sons are usually a part of class which means sometimes unexpected things happen in the middle of class, but Ms. Rebekah is graceful in redirecting focus back to the lesson. Her #1 goal in teaching is to be fun and joyful, bringing lots of laughter to her classes.

Preschool: (ages 2-5) This is a 26 week class for our younger Hoeden Littles who are just starting out. Miss Jordan teaches letters, numbers, shapes and colors. During class, Miss Jordan reads a story, reads a poem, and shows students how to use Play-Doh to make shapes, letters, and numbers. Each week has its own theme and set of words to help build vocabulary.
January 2019 – August 2019

About the teacher: Miss Jordan, aka Miss Jayd, is a homeschooling teen who LOVES to go live and use her artistic abilities! She is an amazingly eclectic, hands-on learner. She plays the guitar, is teaching herself piano, and dabbles in ukulele! She likes to up-cycle everyday things and create, create, CREATE!

Telling Time with Mrs. Mandy: (ages 5+) Mrs. Hunt teaches students to count by 5s and tell time on an analog clock. There is a printable clock for you to print out and your student to put together. Mrs. Hunt teaches the skills in small increments of difficulty and plays games with students to help them practice their newly learned skills. Printable game boards and a supply list are included.
January 2019 – February 2019

About the teacher: Mrs. Hunt is a Hoeden Ambassador, homeschool reviewer/coach, and business owner. She has been homeschooling her 3 boys for over 6 years and, even though it an be tough, they enjoy it! Mrs. Hunt is a silly, fun, and laid-back teacher. She likes to find funny things to tell her students and does her best to make learning an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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