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Hoeden Printables

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Economical Printer & Toner Recommendation

Black and White Toner Printer for printing Caboodles, Packets, and Worksheets. The toner cartridges are usually under $10 and print THOUSANDS of pages before getting lighter. (Comes in a 2 Pack for under $20 – TIP: When it runs low on toner, you can often shake the cartridge and it will print more pages.)

Toner for Printer (Economical) Prints THOUSANDS of Sheets

Full Subject Curriculum Books (pdf)

PreK Alphabet Workbook

PreK Oliveri and Barry Learn To Use Scissors

Oliveri and Barry Learn Letters and Sounds

Elementary Printing (Handwriting) and more

Elementary Cursive (Wisecracking Cursive)

Spelling and Reading Practice

PreK through 3rd Grade Sight Words Crossword Puzzles

4th Grade Sight Words Crossword Puzzles

Hoeden Readers

Level 1: “My Body”

Hoeden First Grade Math Packets

First Grade Math Packet 1

First Grade Math Packet 2

First Grade Math Packet 3


Middle School Pre-Cursive Penmanship, & Spelling with Multiplication Practice

Middle School Cursive Handwriting and Story Writing with the 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution

HOEDEN BANNED WORDS PDF: AFTER Your student learns to write a five-paragraph essay this PDF will come in handy to teach them to craft their sentences more skillfully.

Spelling FLASH CLASSES = This printable contains the Third through Seventh Grade Spelling Lists for Miss Jayd’s Flash Classes

CIH Classroom Curriculum

Some publishers have stipulated extra copyright steps for Hoeden to be able to use their curriculum. CIH means “Curriculum In Hand”. Parents must send Shelly a photo of you holding the curriculum before we can give you the password to enter these Hoeden Classrooms. shelly@hoedenathome.com

Grammar Galaxy 10% Coupon Code = HOEDEN

Learn Math Fast 10% Coupon Code = HOEDEN

Life of Fred Always click “More Buying Options” to grab steals and deals.

More Coupon Codes

The Thinking Tree 20% Off Books Coupon Code = HOEDEN2020

Reading Basics Series 3rd – 8th Grades 50% Coupon Code = 50OFF

Government – Civics: Elementary – High School: Tuttle Twins 40% Coupon Code = FORTY

Life Skills Math: Bank Account, Checkbook, Credit Cards, Budget, Bargain

Starfall Free Printables

Homeschool Planning Printables

Short Term Goals

Long Term Goals

Homeschooling Portfolio Packet

Unschooling Portfolio Packet

Unit Study Planner

Weekly Planner

Today’s Plan

5 Paragraph Essay Organizer

High School Transcript Editable (No Grades)

High School Transcript No Grades

Homeschool Attendance Record (Fierce Oliveri)

Homeschool Attendance Record (Fierce Barry)

Homeschool Attendance Record (Cute Oliveri)

Homeschool Attendance Record (Cute Barry)

Reading Log

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