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Frequently Asked Questions






Subscribe to Hoeden to gain access to online classes, curriculum, planning printables,  and more.

Students attend LIVE and archived classes right here on the Hoeden website

Students complete the courses in the  time-frame and style that fit their homeschool

No Grades & No Mandatory Schedule.   You Rule Your Homeschool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mrs. Shelly teaches LIVE Classes to Eclectic Homeschoolers. All classes are archived for easy homeschool planning.  In the archives, parents and students find videos, lesson packets, curriculum, homeschool organization tools and more! 
Some parents use Hoeden to enhance their homeschools while others use Hoeden AS their homeschool. 
Mrs. Shelly is a bio-adopt mother to 6 children.  She has been homeschooling since 1999, and has been called “A Homeschool Mom’s Substitute Teacher.” 👩🏻‍🏫
You will find a list of classes here
After you subscribe, your students can jump into classes at any time. Classes are not graded so they are relaxed and stress-free.  
A Hoeden Subscription is less than $4.17 per month using the Coupon Code – SAVE50 for an Annual Family Subscription… Which is less than the cost of ONE printable packet elsewhere. 😎 YAY!
Subscription includes All Students in the Household.   😀

Hoeden has classes for Pre-K through 12th grade students.

“You rule your homeschool” 🤗  All assignments are suggested, not required.

If your student wants to hop into a class that is already in progress, hop on in!  They can attend live classes while they catch up by using the archives. 

They will be welcomed with open arms. 

Hoeden runs on a year-round schedule. You can find a list of “Hoeden Holidays” for 2021 Classes Here.  The Red Days Do Not have ZOOM Classes on that day, however archived classes & homeschool printables are available 24 hours a day, every day here on the Hoeden Website. 

No. All classes are included with your subscription.

All students in your household are included with your subscription.


Level E is lower elementary level (K – 3rd grade)
Level M is upper elementary and middle school (4th – 8th grade)
Level H is high school (9th – 12 grade)

These are SUGGESTED ages. 

“No Stress! You Rule Your Homeschool!”

No. Hoeden is not a school.

Hoeden is a resource for eclectic homeschooling families to utilize to enhance their homeschool experience.  

CIH stands for Curriculum In Hand.

Some publishers require an extra layer of copyright protection. We currently have 2 CIH classes – Life of Fred, and Grammar Galaxy.

To participate in these classes, you must send proof of ownership to Shelly to obtain the class password. 

Email a photo of you HOLDING the curriculum. A photo of JUST the curriculum is not correct


No. All of our classes are archived right here on our website after they are held LIVE.  There are NO Mandatory meetings or Classes. 

You will need to create a FREE Zoom account. There are 2 ways to attend classes:

  1. Watch from the Hoeden website: Sign in to your Hoeden account using CHROME web browser, navigate to your chosen ZOOM class at the scheduled time, type in your student’s HANDLE, and click “join.”
  2. Watch from the Zoom app: Sign in to your Hoeden account using any browser, navigate to your chosen ZOOM class at the scheduled time, click on the link under the video box, and make sure your display name is your student’s HANDLE once the video begins.

You do not have to enable your camera or your microphone unless you choose to.
If you choose to enable the camera, your video feed will be recorded as part of that lesson for the archives.
If you choose to enable your microphone, your audio feed will be recorded when unmuted as part of that lesson for the archives. To minimize distractions, please make sure your student is in a quiet, calm room and does not unmute themselves until the teacher has given them permission.

If you would like to test out Zoom features outside of class time, you can use Zoom’s Meeting Test at Zoom.us/test. This Meeting Test opens with the Zoom App.

Certificates are awards you print, fill out, and present to your student for completing classes or units within a class.

Hoeden originally required students to create a project and recite something relevant about their studies from memory to earn certificates. There are no longer ANY requirements at Hoeden.  This allows parents to tailor their student’s education to fit their own homeschooling objectives.

While projects and recitations provide a great incentive to dive deeper into topics and practice researching skills Hoeden no longer requires these steps to earn a certificate.

All certificates are awarded by the parent when they see fit.

Shelly R. Mabe is the owner of Hoeden LLC.

She is a veteran-homeschooling-mother to 6 children; 4 graduates and 2 still at home. She began homeschooling her children in 1999. 

She is passionate about relaxed, positive homeschooling, foster parenting, adoption, and early college & trade-school options for ages 14+. 

Her vision is to keep Hoeden honest in its depiction of homeschooling. Hoeden is not supposed to be glossy or refined. A relaxed, stress-free education is the goal.

Please feel free to email Shelly@HoedenatHome.com if you have more questions.

Click on My Account in the menu. Then select Payment Information in the drop down menu. You will find the Cancel button listed under your Membership Level.

If you are a Founding Member, you will need to cancel from PayPal, too. The instructions to cancel a subscription are in this PayPal article.

Hoeden does not offer refunds after the first 30 days of initial access to the Hoeden Website.

You must cancel BEFORE your subscription renews. After you cancel, your membership will end when the paid portion is complete.

Monthly Subscription Payments and Annual Renewals are NOT refunded.

Subscription Payments made after a FREE trial is over are NOT refunded.

Please reach out to Shelly@Hoedenathome.com if you need assistance with a refund within the first 30 days of initial access to the Hoeden Website.



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