HOEDEN MOTTO: “No Stress! You Rule Your Homeschool!” 

Hoeden is not a school. We are a tool for homeschooling parents to use as they see fit.  If you don’t like the project or recitation suggested by the teacher, you and your child can choose a different one to suit your needs and their interests. 

When do classes begin?

All of our classes are Archived right here on this website after they are held LIVE.  Students can watch LIVE, watch the Archives, or waffle between both to earn certificates!

Does it cost $7.00 per family or per child?

The next 1,000 families can snag their Hoeden at Home GRANDFATHERED FOREVER* Subscription for only $7.00 per month per FAMILY (not per child) and that INCLUDES all of the classes!

Are there extra costs?

You will have regular homeschooling costs such as buying the books or gear (dance shoes) for class or traveling to your local library to get the books.

Some teachers offer Private Tutoring.

Private tutoring is NOT related to Hoeden at Home.  All terms for private tutoring should be negotiated with the teacher.  Do your due diligence when hiring a tutor.

Do we have to watch LIVE online every day?

No. All classes are archived for future viewing on our password protected website.

What if we decide NOT to use the printables and assignments provided by the teacher?

You Rule Your Homeschool! 😊  All assignments are suggested, not required. HOWEVER… in order to earn a Hoeden Certificate of Completion for the class(es) taken, your student(s) will need to perform a recitation and project for the class. When that is completed and posted in the Hoeden Community Group of your child’s choosing, send a direct message to our Records Manager to let her know which class your child has completed for certification.

(Alternatively, you can send the photos of the project and the recitation video directly to our Records Manager for review)

Can my children work together to earn certificates?

Yes. In most cases, siblings can work as a group and receive separate certificates.

What makes Hoeden at Home a Co-op?

We are a dedicated group of families who co-labor to provide a safe place for homeschooling families to learn, grow, and make new friends. We need all of our families to come together as a community to create a peaceful, supportive environment for all. Answering new members questions kindly and supporting one another through tough times is part of the Hoeden at Home Community way.  We are thankful for all of our members!

Is Hoeden at Home a School?

No, we are not a school. We provide supplemental classes for homeschooling families. Although we do offer both academic and elective classes, our classes are not meant to be a complete curriculum.

Why would I want to join a homeschool co-op?

A homeschool co-op provides parents and students with friendship, a support system, social activities, and educational opportunities. Children like Hoeden at Home because they get a chance to showcase their work online to show family and friends what they are accomplishing in their homeschool. They also get to choose various teachers to fit their personal style of learning.

Are your classes taught with a Christian focus?

Think of Hoeden as if you are choosing classes in College.  Each teacher and class will have a different ‘spin’ if you will. Hoeden at Home is not based on any “one thing”.   Be sure to read the class and teacher description in the “About” section of each classroom.  If religion is not specifically stated then assume it will be taught without religion intertwined. On the flip side, there will be classrooms where religion is a focused topic and will be labeled as such. 

What ages and grades do you include?

Our classes are intended for Pre-K through 12th grade.

For how many classes would we enroll?

Students may join as many classrooms as they wish. The classes are archived to be used when convenient for the student. All printables are also archived for use.

What curriculum do you use?

The curricula used varies and is up to the teacher. We do not use one specific curriculum.

Do I have to teach?

No. Though we encourage parents to teach what they know if they have a talent or trade, you will not be required to teach…ever.

How Much is a Hoeden at Home Subscription?

The next 1000 families to sign up will be grandfathered in for LIFE at the $7 per month or $70 per year pricing, depending on which option you choose when signing up. Provided that you do not cancel your subscription, you’ll enjoy all that Hoeden has to offer now and in the future for that low family pricing!

Who leads Hoeden at Home?

Shelly R. Mabe is the owner of Hoeden LLC. She is a veteran-homeschooling-mother to 6 children; 4 graduates and 2 still at home. She is passionate about relaxed, positive homeschooling. Her vision is to keep Hoeden at Home honest in its depiction of homeschooling. Hoeden is not supposed to be glossy or refined. Relaxed, No Stress, Education is the goal.  Please feel free to email Shelly@HoedenatHome.com if you have more questions.

How do I join?

Monthly or Annual

After you sign up Head On Over To The Hoeden Page for Parents Here


*Provided that you do not cancel your subscription, you’ll enjoy all that Hoeden has to offer now and in the future for that low family pricing!

EXPECT Hiccups! All of our teachers are REAL homeschooling parents who are getting used to teaching LIVE online. 😊 Classrooms are new to Facebook so that means we are ALL getting used to the Units format.